Monday, 1 September 2014



Welcome. Hello. Ola. Bonjour. Ndewo (yeah that's Igbo for hello... awesome i know right!). This post is going to be about nothing yet everything. Neither here nor there, just a post to say hi. I have never done a blog post before, and who knows this could be a one off thing.  This post could have simply been created out of procrastination or my need to find some substance in my life. It could be the only one I ever do, just me going through one of the many phases that get into in my mind, or it could be the first of many. That is a mystery that is yet to be solved and definitely also a mystery in itself as I do have trouble sticking to things for longer than a week. Anyways if this does continue, and I do really hope that you enjoy me blabbering about things that i find fascinating in the world. Things that intrigue me and things that I feel need to be shared with humanity. Although they have probably already been shared with the world, that's okay. There could be some posts that are merely a sentence or a phrase that has appeared in my mind during the day that i feel was worthy enough to share. There could be posts however showing the inner workings of my brain on the complex issues in life ( lets hope not though). This is what excites me though. A blog with no real theme. You see the blogs out there about travel, about beauty, about craft and hobbies. My blog with hopefully just be about everything. There will be no real theme to it except that of life (if that is a possible theme). I don't want an idea to pop into my head and me no be able to write about it because it doesn't fit into a specific genre. I want the freedom to be able to express and share what i feel matters to me and what I find interesting. So that is that. Have a lovely day x

hello from the sea

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