Sunday, 11 September 2016

Waterfall Wednesdays

For anyone that knows me knows that I love the water. And currently being winter in Australia there is the wrong kind surrounding me. But what better than water in the summer? water falling into more water! On a Wednesday morning me and my friend woke up planning on going to the beach on a sunny day in Australia. In a sudden burst of spontaneity we decided on going to Serpentine Falls instead, and yes it was a brilliant idea. Serpentine falls is approximately an hour from where I live in Perth, creating a mini road trip. When you arrive, you are greeted by the kangaroos surrounding the picnic site. Serpentine Falls isn't particularly big but yes it is very beautiful. As we went on a Wednesdy, it wasn't particularly busy, although there were still a few people there.

 No only was there the main waterfall but also small streams connecting the two pools of water. A great little place to take a seat!

The beautiful thing about this waterfall is that it is surrounded by fresh water. This honestly makes you feel so fresh and somewhat clean after you have been swimming, unlike the ocean. Instead of feeling salty and dry you feel fresh, clean and your hair is still as shiny as you washed it the night before! It is refreshingly cooler and a perfect spot on a summers day. 

Hope you enjoyed! and have a lovely rest of your day. 
Love, Brooke

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